In 2014, pirate radio historian and one time ‘captain’ of ‘Laser Hot Hits’ Ray Anderson contacted me to assist in putting together his dream of opening a pirate radio museum. Ray had taken a three year lease on a dilapidated first floor building above a café in Clacton-on-Sea. The aim was to transform it into the museum with an exhibition named ‘Anarchy on the Airwaves’, featuring such stations as Radio Caroline, Radio London and more.

Ray Anderson

The first task was to sort through and retouch hundreds of archive photographs which featured the ships and the DJs of the time. A logo was prepared which had to fit in with the surrounding brands of the Clacton-on-Sea seafront. 2.5m boards were designed to fit onto a framework structure. The board artwork was then printed on self-adhesive material and mounted (by hand over a long evening!). Exterior signage surrounding the building was also designed as well as a website and brochure.

The museum closed its doors in 2016.

Glen Newman Design Beatles with Logo